Who We Are

We at TecH2O specialize in the disinfection and cleaning of cooling towers in New York State.


TecH2O is a New York State DEC Registered Pesticide Business Reg. # 16461

      CTI Corporate Member

      CTI Corporate Member

Our Mission

We take pride in our ability to assure our clients of being in full compliance with changing legislation as well as providing high quality service at a competitive price.  In fact, we regularly offer more attractive pricing than most one-stop environmental companies.

TecH2O is a member of the Cooling Technology Institute.

Any person who performs cleaning and disinfection shall be a commercial pesticide applicator who is qualified to apply biocide in a cooling tower and certified in accordance with the requirements of Article 33 of the Environmental Conservation Law and 6 NYCRR Part 325
— Title 10, Part 4.4, (d) of the New York State Public Health Law