Preparing for Start-Up

With many of the seasonal cooling towers offline for much of the winter, it is very important that they are cleaned before startup.  Towers that have sat unused for months will inevitably house unwanted bacteriological growth.  This happens because during the downtime, there is no biocide activity in the system.  Even with the drains open, water can pool in a tower after a rain event and encourage the growth of bacteria.

The laws passed by New York State and New York City dictate that any tower that has been out of use for 5 or more days must be cleaned and disinfected before being placed back into service.

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Inspections Are Underway

The November 1 cooling tower compliance deadline has come and went.  The Department of Health has already sent staff to various sites for compliance inspections.  

Any aspect of your tower system which is deemed out of compliance may subject to substantial fines.

A number of our clients have already faced inspection- but have avoided fines by virtue of their own effort in conjunction with our services along with cooperation with our industry partners.

Save money.  Save the hassle.  Be proactive and schedule your appointment today to have your towers properly cleaned and disinfected by licensed professionals.

Customized Solutions for Every Client

With cooling season well underway, many cooling towers have begun to accumulate the typical dirt, dust and other debris which occurs under normal working conditions.  As fouling of the basin progresses, the environment becomes more and more conducive to microbiological growth.

This situation poses a problem for facility owners and managers.  Most cooling tower service providers require that the tower be completely emptied and offline to allow cleaning.  However, with temperatures in the greater NYC area regularly flirting with and exceeding 90°F, it is simply not prudent to shut the system down while cooling demand is highest.

It is for this reason that TecH2O, inc tailors every solution to each client's needs.  For instance, if a tower basin is in need of cleaning but is unable to be put offline, Tech2O offers an Online Vacuum Only Service which will rid the basin of all piles of sediment, mud, slime and algae.  This will allow no interruptions of cooling service while maintaining an adequate level of mechanical hygiene.

Other scenarios might allow for shutdown of the tower system, but only after normal working hours to minimize the impact upon building inhabitants.  TecH2O stands by at all hours to get the job done whenever our client desires.

The fact of the matter is that every system is unique- and thus presents its own challenges.  We at TecH2O approach every job with a critical eye and an accommodating mindset to make certain that every service is carried out to the highest possible standards.

Cleaning Season has Arrived

As the mercury works its way up the thermometer, demand for cooling applications increases;  and with that demand comes the utilization of your buildings' cooling tower.  At many locations, the cooling tower has sat dormant for the winter- exposed to the elements.  As a result there is likely unwanted bacteria, sediments and other debris building up in the basin and possibly the cooling loop.

Proper cleaning and disinfection of your cooling tower system will assure a high level of industrial hygiene.  This level of cleanliness will translate into cost savings as well as overall environmental health.  This is because any biofilms which have built up over time may be robbing your system of heat transfer efficiency.  Furthermore, these films and slimes are breeding grounds for numerous types of bacteria- including Legionella pneumophila.

Leave nothing to chance.  Protect the public health and protect your infrastructure.  Dates are filling up quickly.  Contact us today for you free consultation.

Maintenance Plans are Now Mandatory

After months of trepidation, one of the most important deadlines set forth in the new cooling tower regulations has arrived.  It is now required for all cooling towers to have an associated Maintenance Program and Plan located on-site.  In addition, this plan must be made readily available to inspectors upon request.

Every cooling tower presents its own unique challenges, thus it is critical for each tower to have its own customized plan to assure full compliance.  Contact us today for a free estimate to get your tower up to code!

March Deadline Looms Large

According to New York State Law, "By March 1, 2016, and thereafter prior to initial operation, owners shall obtain and implement a maintenance program and plan developed in accordance with section 7.2 of Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems (ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2015)."  

That leaves only slightly more than 3 weeks until everybody should have a Maintenance Program and Plan in place!  

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Start-Up Season Draws Near

With warmer weather on the way, it will soon be time to put cooling towers back into service.  According to legislation passed by New York State effective 11/15/2015, “All owners shall ensure that all cooling towers are cleaned and disinfected when shut down for more than five days” and “any person who performs cleaning and disinfection shall be a commercial pesticide applicator who is qualified to apply biocide in a cooling tower and certified in accordance with the requirements of Article 33 of the Environmental Conservation Law and 6 NYCRR Part 325”.  Suffice to say, it is important to make sure your cooling towers are cleaned by a qualified professional.  

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